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In Today’s Complex Financial World, We Face Financial Challenges That Can Take A Heavy Toll on Many Areas Of Our Lives

Our feelings about our financial situations can range from light concerns popping up at different times throughout the day, to paralyzing worry and stress that can spill over into our relationships, emotional states, and general enjoyment of life. From the time we were born, our financial pictures have been shaped by our loved ones, advertisers, and peer influencers.

Very few of us ever received any financial education to address common financial live events like:

Our Passion is Helping Women Find Financial Freedom

As a seasoned investment professional, our founder Karen Oeser, CFA, CFEI, CPFC, was heartbroken to continuously see people seeking retirement advice at the END of their careers and realizing that they would not have enough to comfortably live their retirement dreams. Co-founder Erica Neal, CFEI, had similar experiences and was disappointed at the number of clients who were ill-equipped to make the financial decisions that would impact their families for generations to come.

So, they joined forces in 2020 and launched Financial Literacy for Her. Their unique coaching program, which includes elements of both mindset development and financial education, is specifically designed to be a safe place for women to help women overcome their fear of money and empower them to live in financial freedom.

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Financial Coaching & Education Services

We can all live more fulfilling lives and get on track toward our long-term financial goals. But getting there takes more than just financial knowledge: it requires changing behaviors developing systems and prioritizing financial action steps. That’s where we come in.

As financial coaches with a Certified Personal Finance Consultant designation, our objectives and responsibilities are to help you reach your goals. We do not offer or sell any financial products as part of our coaching role; We are 100% loyal to you and your best interests.

Speaking Engagements

All of our team members are Certified Financial Education Instructors (CFEI) and available to teach a wide variety of financial literacy topics in classroom settings. In addition, Financial Literacy for Her can lead seminars, multi-day workshops, and other special events. Karen is a John Maxwell Team Certified speaker who has spoken to thousands on podcasts and at conferences around the globe. Call us at 864-670-2114 and book your speaker today!

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